Will You Please "Like" & "Follow" Me? My Love/Hate Relationship With Social Media

Happy Wednesday all! Hope you are having a great week! I have a few things I would like to share with all of my lovely readers. And in truth, I need to ask you a few favors. Wait! I know...another person asking you to do "just one more thing"...ugh! I know! But just bare with me, please.

Truth: I feel really uncomfortable asking for your social media support because I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it all myself. I go from feeling like it is the most incredible thing in the world and wonder how I ever lived without it, to being quite certain that it is the biggest, most addictive popularity contest that ever existed. 

BUT whatever I, or anyone else determines that it actually is, I am working my tail off to grow my social media platform because it is part of my larger goal.

And what goal is that, you may ask. Well, I have several new writing projects I am working on that I will share with you very soon, but social media presence is an important part of each of them. In fact, whether we like it or not, unless you are Stephen King, most of us authors and writers are forced to belly up to the social media bar even if we don't like to drink. It is just how things are done in the writing world (and in most worlds) today (I sound so old saying that...).

But here I am struggling to find some acceptance and comfort in the social media-sphere, which feels a little like being 15 and standing in a huge high school cafeteria by yourself, looking around, trying not to look like a total idiot, while you try to figure out where the hell you are going to sit, who will talk to you, who you want to talk to, if you will ever find any of your real "peeps" or if you will just have to just slap a smile on your nervous face, pretend like you know what you are doing, and make extra nice with everyone until someone, or hopefully a few people, make space for you at their table. 

It is crazy-making, really. However, in exploring the social media cafeteria, I have to admit that I have connected with some amazing thinkers and writers from around the globe, whose work and messages have motivated me to return to the lunch room time and time again, knowing that there are at least a few spots at a few tables where I will be welcomed.

So, as my overall aim is to connect with YOU, my loyal readers, and to provide you with regular content, messages, quotes, and stories that will inspire, motivate, and ultimately connect you with your amazing beautiful self, which you get to share with other wonderful people around you, I hope you will understand the meaning behind my "asks." 

So, what's in it for you? Well, I vow to provide you with an authentic and honest exploration of the real, the raw, the gorgeous, and the terrifying aspects of marriage, relationships, parenting, motherhood, womanhood, and self-exploration as we all try to make sense of this crazy, wonderful, scary, confusing, and awe-inspiring journey we are on. And of course, I like to give stuff away too! So you will get first dibs on yummy scented candles, massage oils, and other great self-care necessities that I will be giving away this holiday season.

So, with that, I thank you for your ongoing support, and appreciate your consideration of any of the following push-of-a-button gestures that really do make a difference.

1) Any twitter people out there? If so, it would be amazing if you'd head over to twitterville and check out my book give-away (you just have to follow me to enter), and if you already have my book, it makes a great holiday gift or shower gift for a new mom! (If you don't want to enter the give-away, you can still follow me.)

2) If you haven't done so already, I would be ever so grateful if you could give my author FB page a "like" (let's get to 1,000); and if you are on Instagram, you could hit me up with a follow there too!

3) This is it, I promise! My newsletter. I know, one more thing to clutter up your in-box. But you will receive my newsletter no more than once a week, and it will only contain the really good stuff ;)! Give it a try. Thank you! And look forward to connecting with you in social media land!