We Built This! ModernWell 2018

ModernWell Members at Grand Opening

ModernWell Members at Grand Opening

Hello readers and a belated happy New Year! I am grateful to report that it has been an amazing start to 2018! Much of my attention has been focused on my new venture that opened on January 2nd! ModernWell--right up there with marrying my beloved husband 25 years ago and birthing four incredible human beings--has been and continues to be one of the most incredible experiences of my 51 years of life! ModernWell and its amazing community of women is growing stronger every day and we have received some great local press in Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, the Star Tribune, the  Southwest Journal, and MinneInno.

As an author, teacher, wellness advocate, and mother of four, it has been incredibly gratifying to offer an energized space for women to work, create, connect, and renew. All under one roof, members are able to hold a meeting with a colleague, client, or committee members; meet a friend for a cup of coffee or tea; listen to an inspiring speaker; take a yoga class or get a massage; or simply get out of the house or office to work on that novel you’ve always wanted to write, the new business you’ve wanted to launch, or simply read a book or relax by the fireplace.

The ModernWell community is comprised of amazing and diverse women and we are excited to continue to expand our membership. Three weeks in we are nearly 70 strong and each and every member is amazing in her own right. Like Brianne, the designer of Timber and Tulip; Kirsie, the inspiration behind Love and Drishti; Kate Hopper, author, editor, and ModernWell Writing Studio instructor; and Jessica Chung, University of Minnesota instructor and bullet journal and creative lettering maven. ModernWell Women are teachers, therapists, coaches, wellness experts, designers, independent contractors, nutritionists, lawyers, stay at home mothers, bankers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and trying to figure it out-ers. Our members run non-profits and marketing firms, are strategizing their next big business or personal endeavor, or are seeking more peace in their minds and bodies. Our membership includes millennials, gen x-ers and boomers, and we learn from each other every day!

ModernWell Women are wives and mothers. We are single, married, and divorced. We care for kids, pets, plants, and loved ones. We have jobs, side hustles, and dreams. We are politically active or in need of some respite from the political strife. Or both. And yet we have a common thread that unites us all. Our sense of unity comes from our passion--we share a passion for life, for women, for work, for wellness, and for challenging ourselves to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. And we share the belief that we can empower ourselves and each other with our individual and collective strength, and we can take that strength into our homes, our jobs, and in all aspects of our lives.

And we still have room for YOU! We hope you will come find your favorite brightly lit spot at ModernWell and join the incredible foundation of ModernWell members! ModernWell features private office spaces, designated desks, conference and consult rooms, a designated quiet workspace, podcast room, yoga studio, massage/treatment room, and a private wellness/relaxation/lactation room. Members have access to yoga and meditation classes as well as ongoing professional development and community building opportunities.

Memberships start at $99 per month. Scholarships are available. Please visit our website for membership and registration information. And it is not too late to grab a ticket to our first annual Literary Kick-Off Conference at ModernWell this Sunday, January 28th, 1 to 7 pm.

And please feel free to email me at julie@modernwell.co if you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to tour ModernWell.